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Life is a balance between

holding on and

letting go


Loss and change

Sooner or later we all experience loss and the emotions or feelings that arise from it. Some loss we can understand, others are so unexpected and have so much impact that it can leave a deep wound. When we talk about bereavement we often think of the loss of somebody close to us, but feelings of bereavement can also occur with divorce, changes to physical or mental health, changes in our work and forced departure from our homeland. Emotions and feelings such as sadness, anger, fear, guilt, melancholy, anxiety, stress and depression are to be expected. As well as these emotions and feelings you can also experience disturbed sleep, lack of concentration, less energy and lack of appetite.

Every experience of loss has its own story and we mourn in our own way. Sometimes we get stuck in grief which can result in conscious or unconscious symptoms. 

Do you ask yourself these questions?

  • Do you have a feeling that you are stuck in your grieving and that you can’t move on?
  • Are you suffering from physical or mental stress?
  • Do you or others avoid the subject?
  • Do you feel alone with your grief?
  • Are you struggling with daily life and simple tasks?
  • Do you feel like you have hit a brick wall? 
  • Do you feel regularly overwhelmed by emotions that you can’t manage?

These questions can surface at various moments in your life. Recent loss is a common trigger as well as previous loss triggered by current life events. These feelings and emotions can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with.  It is quite normal to bury these feelings or ignore them and yet there comes a point where you want to deal with them because it is impacting your day to day life. 

If you experience a sense of loss or change then I am here to listen to your story. I offer one on one counselling and I am highly qualified in working with various forms of bereavement resulting from loss and change. I create a safe and confidential space, where I listen to you without judgement.

We work with wherever you are in your process and whatever you would like to discuss. The safe support of a counsellor can help your process, to enable you to find your own coping strategies.

You can experience the following changes:

  • Your feelings will be less overwhelming.
  • You begin to feel more peace of mind.
  • You will begin to make sense of your loss.
  • As you integrate your loss, you will be able to move forward.

I look forward to welcoming you in my practice.


A walking counselling session can help you understand your feelings


I work with adults and young people in processes of loss and change. I also work within organisations during processes of change, recovery and re-integration.

Everyone mourns in his/her own way and his/her own pace. In a counselling session you will find the space you need to be able to express yourself. Which may include some creative therapy. My experience as a yoga teacher means that I may include grounding or relaxation techniques, which you might find useful between sessions. I also offer specific treatments for relaxation, which I describe below.

My approach is integrative. The basis of this approach is the person-centered philosophy by Carl Rogers (1902-1987), who was the founder of Humanistic Psychology. He was convinced that each individual possesses his own inner resources for personal growth. This means that I work with you, the individual, while drawing upon theories and techniques from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), body-psychotherapy. My work includes exploring attachment theory, family constellations and Gestalt.

Palmyra Bakker helps with feelings of bereavement

Intake and subsequent counselling sessions

The first consultation is slightly longer at 90 minutes. This give us time to explore the reasons why you are considering counselling. We can get to know each other and you can express your expectations, questions and what you would like to achieve from our counselling sessions. Together we will outline the plan for the number and frequency of sessions, which we will review at regular intervals. Counselling sessions and treatments are dependent on your needs and availability. 

During our first consultation we will complete some administration and decide whether we are a good fit and will continue working together. Subsequent counselling sessions last 60 minutes.


 Below you can find more information about the complementary treatments which I offer in addition to the counselling sessions.

Colour Puncture Therapy

A relaxing treatment, which is done fully clothed. I work on acupuncture points and reflexology zones on the feet and the head using a colour therapy pen.  This brings a feeling of relaxation which can support the letting go and recovery process. One of the principles of colour puncture therapy is to initiate change.

A part of colour puncture therapy focusses on improving sleep patterns, which is essential for well-being and recovery from loss. Also known as “Sleeping fit”. This therapy also uses wild-herb oil and dream crystals.

Colour puncture therapy was developed by acupuncturist and homeopath Peter Mandel


Colour Puncture Therapy


Counselling sessions may include breathing, grounding and/or meditation techniques. Where appropriate I provide a series of specific yoga postures for improving sleep patterns and relaxation. Private yoga lessons are also available.


Prices incl VAT

  • Intake € 75 (90 minutes)
  • Individual sessions € 75 (60 minutes)
  • Color puncture therapy € 75 (60 minutes) 
  • Private yoga lesson € 60 (60 minutes)

Prices for companies are on request.

In accordance with European law and regulations all data is stored confidentially.

About Palmyra

My name is Palmyra Bakker (1961). For many years I was a change manager working for a multinational company, where I managed cultural and behavioral change processes.  I coached team members on a personal as well as an organisational level during implementation of change processes. Through this I understand the depth of the personal impact of loss and change in the workplace. 

My experience of personal bereavement had an impact on my life, which made me realise how important it is to allow the grieving process to happen and dedicate time to it. This motivated me in 2014 to retrain as a bereavement and loss counsellor and combine it with my background in change.

Palmyra Bakker

During the training I was able to explore my own personal loss, the unexpected death of my partner, the divorce of my parents, relocating and working abroad, burn-out, my mothers dementia and the eventual loss of both parents. I realised my own vulnerability. It was a tough journey, but I now value my increased resilience.  

Clients experience me as empathic, warm and approachable and I would like to welcome you into my practice. 


“I realised from our counselling conversations that only I can make the change. Thank you Palmyra for listening, your questions and support.”


Training and qualifications  



  • 2018 onwards Humanitas, volunteer bereavement project
  • 2015-2017 Support worker in a hospice
  • 1999-2014 Change Manager Multinational company




If you would like more information or would like to make an appointment, please mail or call me without obligation.

My practice is at the address below.

Walking therapy or sessions via Skype are also possible.  


Practice address

Amstelkade 158-I
1078 AW Amsterdam

Mobile:+31 (0)6 101 446 44

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Video image kwetsbaar

Hoe geef jij betekenis aan jouw verlies? Durf je je kwetsbaar op te stellen?
Heb je zelf een scheiding meegemaakt en loop je tegen situaties of gevoelens aan waar je je geen raadt mee weet, neem dan gerust vrijblijvend contact op.

In September waren er 1 miljoen kijkers gekluisterd aan de buis.
Het lied van de 20 jarige Ruben Annink, singer-song writer, werd vertaald en vertolkt door Floor Jansen in de Beste Zangers.

De emoties van Ruben lagen de hele uitzending aan de oppervlakte. Op de buis demonstrerend hoe krachtig kwetsbaarheid kan zijn.
Hij liet zich raken en vertelde open over de kwetsbaarheid die in zijn, nog jonge leven, op zijn pad kwam.

Over dit lied zei Ruben zelf het volgende:
“Ouders die uit elkaar gaan is nooit leuk, ik heb dat niet meteen verwerkt maar weggestopt. Ik heb het daar echt heel zwaar mee gehad. Sinds kort, eigenlijk sinds ik met mijn vriendin ben, heb ik het een plekje kunnen geven, zij zit in hetzelfde schuitje.”

Ouders die scheiden verliezen veel. Kinderen die een echtscheiding van hun ouders door maken verliezen héél veel waaronder hun secure bases en onbevangenheid. Er is dan werk aan de winkel! Soms duurt het decennia voordat je daar aan toekomt, tot je vastloopt in je werk en leven.

Met het schrijven van dit lied gaf deze jonge artiest op speciale wijze betekenis aan de impact van de echtscheiding van zijn ouders. Voor hem startte de rouw toen hij herkenning vond en kon delen.

Powerfully fragile

How are you giving meaning to your loss? Can you show your vulnerability?
Did you experience a divorce yourself. Do you encounter difficulties or feelings which are not easy to comprehend. Then it might be time to start looking at it. You can always contact me without obligation.

In September, 1 million viewers were sitting watching the screen. The song of the 20 year old Ruben Annink, singer-song writer, was translated and performed by Floor Jansen in the best singers.

The emotions of Ruben lay the entire broadcast on the surface. On the television demonstrating how powerful vulnerability can be. He let himself be touched and told open about the fragility that came in his, still young life, on his path.

About this song Ruben himself said the following: "Parents who are separating is never fun, I have not processed that immediately but tucked it away. It was a tough time for me. Since I am with my girlfriend, I have been able to look at it and deal with it and she has gone through the same experience with her parents. “

Parents who divorce lose a lot. Children who experience a divorce from their parents lose very much including their secure bases and unfamiliarity. There is work to be done! Sometimes it takes a long time before you are able to look at it, until you get stuck in your work and life.

With the writing of this song, this young artist gave a special meaning to the impact of the divorce of his parents. Before him, the mourning started when he found and could share recognition. For him it was giving meaning to his loss.#floorjansen #bestezangers Floor Jansen heeft het prachtige 'Van de liefde weet ik niks' van Ruben Annink vertaald naar het Engels; 'I don't know a thing abo...
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ik heb deze en een paar andere uitzending 'toevallig' gezien. En vond her zo mooi om te zien hoe deze mensen allemaal hun kwetsbaarheid lieten zien en elkaar ondersteuning boden.

Wat een mooie toelichting op dit lied en zijn verhaal!

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