I’m offering 30 minute sessions in English or Dutch, in these extraordinary times


The Corona situation

The world is in the grip of the Corona virus. The progression is fast and measures we need to implement change daily. Initially some people thought: “ This is just a flu epidemic, so why the extreme measures? “. In just a few weeks the world has changed drastically. The government has taken the necessary precautions in the light of the outbreak. We are restricting our movement and observing the instruction to “Stay at Home”.

The new reality 

We are living with new experiences; insecurity about our health and that of friends and family. Concern exists for our relatives in homes or hospitals who cannot receive visitors. We are missing caring for our grandchildren. We are faced with ourselves because we are quarantined at home and wondering how to deal with it. We begin to notice how much we need other living beings/people around us and what that gives us.

Some groups are even more vulnerable. Think of those who have dementia and can’t understand what’s happening are maybe starting to feel abandoned. The longer you stay away from your loved ones, you fear they may not recognise you anymore. For relatives it can be difficult and painful. I know this from experience.
What about the people dear to you in intensive care, who can’t (or barely) receive visitors. In these times you want to be close to them, feel their presence and maybe just hold their hands and let them know they are not alone in this. How painful it is if you can’t say farewell in person.

My offer

These are special times and this asks for a different approach. So I want to offer a 30 minute session to talk and to support you through this difficult time.


Please call me on +31 (0)6 10144644 to make an appointment or go to : https://www.palmyrabakker.nl/#contact and suggest a time that suits you best. Slots are available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 – 11 am.